Author: Rutger

  • Estrangement

    Due to the migratory nature of Svensk Standard members, this winter has seen the upstart of a small Svensk Standard branch located in Melbourne, Australia, accompanied by an entry in the Laneway Competition 2010, a public art competition in Melbourne. While researched and conceptualized by the Melbourne team, the production would be split between Sweden…

  • Beijing Field Office Photosynth

    A photosynth showing the Open Studio and the Beijing Field Office at NO+CH09 three days into production.

  • The Beijing Field Office at NOTCH09

    This summer a crew from Svensk Standard got invited to participate in the NOTCH09 festival in Beijing, China. It is a two week long festival exhibiting  music, fashion, design and architecture from the Nordic countries as well as from China (NOrdic + CHina = NOTCH). We are participating in the part of the festival called…

  • Lövholmen softish

    Sunday afternoon sunshine, an old industrial area and some red plastic soda cases makes for relaxed conversations in anticipation of the final Architectural Battle showdown. May 2009, Lövholmen, Stockholm.

  • Pallet palace place space

    About a month ago, we were asked by the Cities the magazine people if we could design a small exhibition space for them. They were trying to get accepted into an event held by the European Year of Creativity and needed a proposal for an exhibition space that showed that they meant business. They got…

  • Steampunk Stockholm

    I was recently told by a friend that there existed a large telephone tower made of steel, (kind of like a square Eiffel tower) in Stockholm during the first half of the 20th century and after a short google run, this is what i found: Apparently it was built in 1887, at a time when…

  • We’re watching you

    A new Centre for Architecture & Design in Stockholm Small building = Less permanent exhibitions = Less maintenance costs = More money to temporary exhibitions In 2002, due to mold infestation, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Stockholm had to close down its recently completed building. This left the institution homeless and as a result…

  • Back at CeBit, part 2

    The TV! team travels to Hannover and Europes largest fair grounds, to document the exhibition space produced for Telenor.

  • Back at CeBit, part 1

    The CeBit fair in Hannover, is Europe’s largest electronics fair and a strange and chaotic place. At a total of 496 000 square meters of indoor space (roughly the size of 70 full sized soccer fields) it is vast and the 4300 exhibitors form a baffling mass of structures, signs, sounds, displays, suits, ties, businessmen…

  • Cities the magazine

    New magazine “Cities the magazine” kicked of the production of their first issue with a workshop held this monday at gallery Detroit (Roslagsgatan 21, Stockholm). The magazine will focus on different urban conditions and peculiarities around the world and the staff are constantly looking for new contributors. From the website: “We don’t want to hand…

  • International Architectural Battle

    (To the right, Joel Jouannet is counting votes. Next to him, the winning proposal) When the snow falls heavily on the streets of Stockholm, turning instantly into grey sticky sleet, it is nice to be able to write about some good things that are happening in the city. Last wednesday the first round of International…

  • Part-time, baby!

    A manifesto for the new economy. Not a lot has been happening on Svensk Standard in the last months and for that we apologize. Since we’ve all been full-time practicing architects the last nine months, there hasn’t been much time for updates or independent productions. Global recession, however, is about to change all that and…

  • NATUREN del 1

    And so it begins After much talk and little work the first episode of, soon-to-be epic, nature series “Naturen” finally arrives, fanfares and all… And it soon turns out to be quite eerie. Filmed and edited by Rutger Sjögrim

  • The architecture of Sir Ken Adam

    Perhaps the greatest architect ever, Sir Ken Adam is little known compared to the images of his work. Being the creator of the “war-room” scenography from Dr. Stranglove and virtually all James Bond sets from Dr. No up untill the late 70’s (including the pinacle of bond-villain-lairs in “The spy who loved me”) , his…

  • The GO-Team assembles at Meijan

    Being shut out from the school of architecture, Svensk Standard and friends find refuge at the ateliers of the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm.   Greatness will arrive in August!

  • Remember the giant

    International Festival at NAI, Rotterdam, Spring 2008.The Cardboard Giant and some really happy architects.

  • Rutgers exjobb del3, så blev det

    Söder om Tullinge, i Botkyrka kommun mellan Stockholm och Södertälje, håller bostadsområdet Riksten på att växa fram. Etapp 1 byggs just nu och till hösten startar etapp 2. Sammanlagt omfattar de 600 bostäder. Fullt uttbyggd kommer Rikstens Friluftsstad, som den har döpts, att omfatta 2500 bostäder. I etapp 3 planeras en grundskola från förskoleklass till…

  • Vad hände egentligen med framtiden?

    Utmattade av 24-timmarsjobbande och (åtminstånde en utav dem) nedslagna av det brutala motståndet i att försöka vara enkel, så söker sig Svensk Standard ut på internet och finner italienska webbsidor med passion för framtiden, som den var förr i tiden… Och vi längtar tillbaka. Kolla in 

  • Rutgers exjobb, del2

    Diagram över styrsystemet som reglerar den kommunala grundskolan i Sverige. Chart showing the structure that regulates the swedish primary school system. 

  • Cebit Hannover 2008

    Confronted with a tight budget, an 10×14 m exhibition space and the desire to show off, Markus and Rutger decided to put volume where it matters. The usual exhibition-space-volume (a semi-closed, one story box) was turn in to a sign and suspended from the ceiling of the convention hall, as high up in the air…