About Svensk Standard

With origins in Stockholm, Sweden, Svensk Standard began life in 2008 as a stimulus and departure point for architectural production. Svensk Standard is a group of friends who, outside of office hours, meet in order to build, research, draw, write and make architecture – it is a doing of architecture by people who like to do.

Our practice focuses on ways of doing and processes of making and using. We seek out spaces that can act as a stage – spaces that offer up audiences, that imply publicness and that demand and stimulate production. We bring our politics with us, and determine positions through internal conflict as much as consensus, trading on the ideas and opinions of those we encounter through our projects. We hope to encourage delight, surprise and play through our work, to act generously and reject cynical forms of critique in favour of moving things forward in better directions.

Through projects based in Sweden, China, Australia and Italy, Svensk Standard has undertaken work that has explored and questioned the accepted rules of ‘the monument’, ‘the office’, ‘myth’, and ‘the foreign architect’. At the 2010 Venice Biennale, we opened these lines of enquiry to include the concept of ‘archaeology’.

Svensk Standard includes:

Fredrik Andersson
Mattias Beckman
Anders Berensson
Caroline Ektander
Kristin Gausdal
Joel Joannet
Daniel Johansson
Ola Keijer
Sara Liberg
Martin Łosoś
Karin Matz
Andreas Nordström
Helen Runting
Rutger Sjögrim
Kristina Sundin
Markus Wagner