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Images of Desire: How Lifestyle Replaced Architecture

Swedish titel: Bostadsmarknaden A panel discussion presented by Svensk Standard, with Rory Hyde (UK), Tor Lindstrand (SWE) and Karin Matz (SWE) Part of the lecture series Den Rättvisa Staden, hosted by ABF Stockholm in collaboration with the School of Architecture, KTH, coordinated by Catharina Gabrielsson. 6.30pm-8.30pm, Tuesday the 3rd of May, 2016 Language: English ABF-huset, […]


  The exhibition EVA ( opens on Thursday 8th of October at the Royal Institute of Art (Fredsgatan 12), Stockholm.   In the Spring of 2015, Svensk Standard’s entry Bygglovsboken was selected as one of ten proposals which were subsequently funded and developed in order to form part of the exhibition EVA, an open public […]

Human Resources – Postcards from the future

  The images, diagrams and texts that were produced by Svensk Standard for the preproduction of upcoming movie “the Unliving”, and displayed as part of the 2013 Staff Exhibition at the KTH School of Architecture, ‘Human Resources – Zombies, Architects, and the Politics of Unwaged Labour’, can now be read in their entirety at […]

Human Resources – Projekt och Pengar

  This thursday (14th of march), as part of the Human Resources exhibition at the School of Architecture, KTH, Stockholm, we will talk about some of the projects that we have produced and participated in, what they cost, who payed (and did not pay) for them, what was expected and what they resulted in. Why, […]

Human Resources – part 1 – For the Sake of Architecture – full show

  Full video of the first episode in the Human Resources talk show series; “For the Sake of Architecture”, held at the School of Architecture, KTH, Stockholm. Guests are; Teres Selberg, Erik Wingquist, Lena Viterstedt, Tor Lindstrand. The show is hosted by; Helen Runting. For additional information about the talk show and exhibition; see previous […]

Human Resources Part 1.5 – The Unliving

This Thursday, the 14th of February, the Human Resources exhibition presents a screening of Återfödelsen/The Unliving. The screening acts as an intermission in the talk show program, that will continue on the 28th of February with the show Arkitektur på Kul / Architecture for Fun. Following an introductory conversation with director Hugo Lilja, there will […]

Human Resources Part 1 – For the sake of architecture

  The first talk show in the Human Resources series starts Thursday 31/1 at 18:00, at the School of Architecture, KTH, sthlm. Bar opens at 17:00 Joins us live! or watch the show here, at, later on. (Shows will be posted online approximately one week following the live event.)  

Human Resources

  Between the 28th of January and the 22nd of March 2013,  Svensk Standard will be exhibiting at the KTH School of Architecture. The exhibition, entitled “Human Resources: Zombies, Architects, and the Politics of Unwaged Labour” was commissioned by the School, forming the School’s 2013 Teacher Exhibition.   The exhibition has two components: (i) a […]

In Treatment

Urban planning practice comes close to an exercise in therapy. Last night, the Swedish Association of Architects (Sveriges Arkitekter organised a rather large collective therapy event for the damaged souls of Stockholm’s architecture community. A spot of last-minute consultation for the draft policy for architecture, ‘Arkitektur Stockholm’ (an addition to the översikstplan, Promenadstaden), provided […]

Light, Camera, Action!

On Wednesday 19:th of October we will lecture at the School of Architecture in Stockholm. We will speak about some of the themes that has surfaced through our production (and as all good things, they come at the power of three): Talk, Show, Transmit. Myth, Performance, Broadcast. Light, Camera, Action! We will start at 18:00, […]

Trojans pt.2

Our thoughts concerning the guidelines for architectural quality, Arkitektur Stockholm, put forward by the City of Stockholm, has been summed up and sent to the city planning office as a part of the public consultation process. A discussion was held, as well (last tuesday) with representatives from the planning office and the groups participating in […]

Stockholm Water Festival

Twelve years ago the last Stockholm Water Festival was held. The first Water Festival was held in ’91 and, although it was initially propelled by the best of intentions, it soon fell into an abyss of generic content and fast-food stands. This weekend, the Floating Lawn will perform as the base and platform for a […]


Svensk Standard will be working at Kulturhuset, Stockholm, this weekend. We have been invited to produce feedback on the guidelines for architectural quality, ‘Arkitektur Stockholm’, recently put forward by the City of Stockholm. Our workshop will focus on terms and concepts used within the text, and portrayed as “naturally” benign truths. Phrases like “contemporary architecture” […]

Arkitektur i TV!

TV! starts tomorrow (10th of feb) at six pm, at the Museeum of Architecture in Stockholm. The workshop will then continue during Friday and Saturday. If you can’t join us there the production will be made available through the project website at…


TV! is an open workshop about architecture-TV. It will be the starting point for the production of a pitch for a TV show about architecture aimed at swedish television. It is our contribution to the upcoming (next week, 8-13 feb) event/workshop/forum “48 timmar” (48 hours) at the Museum of Architecture in Stockholm. In response to […]

Venice! of the North!

Tomorrow we leave for Venice. As a part of the residency program At Work With, initiated by Economy and Testbedstudio for the Nordic Pavilion at the Venice Biennale this year, we have been invited to make the Nordic Pavilion our office for a week. During this week we will produce small projects on the city […]

Lawn Mover moving

After two days of construction the floating lawn (now properly named Åke) is complete and floats with pride. Manymanymany thanks and hugs to all of you that helped us put it together.

Lawn Mover

In the summer, it’s always nice to go somewhere. In Stockholm, many of the people leaving the city go out to the archipelago at the edge of the baltic sea. It is nice there. Some people go boating (or sailing) and a lot just stay at their summer houses doing (usually not a lot) things […]


A small sign produced during the summer of 2009 (as a part of the work “en annan paviljong” by Anna Koch, Weld) for a pavilion in the park Tantolunden, in Stockholm. Telling the story of the pavilions spectacular past. Referenced by Wikipedia here. Visit Weld. Read the sign as a .pdf Project by: Fredrik Andersson, […]