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Chasing Jakob

How can we talk about the multiple roles expected of, and adopted by, architects? What kind of critique do we expose ourselves to when choosing to work outside of the conventional “office”? What are the biographical expectations that architects face in performing professional personae? On Friday the 28th February 2014, Karin Matz and Helen Runting of […]

(Re)Orientations Course: Whatever happened to the Queens of Pomo?

Whilst postmodern architecture itself may have been consigned to the “dustbin of history,” this doesn’t mean that it can’t be taken out, dusted off, straightened out, and restored to its former glory! Embracing the dishonesty of postmodernism, and abandoning the precision of the section and elevation, on the 31st of January 2014, Svensk Standard (in […]


Svensk Standard will be working at Kulturhuset, Stockholm, this weekend. We have been invited to produce feedback on the guidelines for architectural quality, ‘Arkitektur Stockholm’, recently put forward by the City of Stockholm. Our workshop will focus on terms and concepts used within the text, and portrayed as “naturally” benign truths. Phrases like “contemporary architecture” […]

At Work With Svensk Standard

We were recently invited by Testbedstudio and Economy to participate in the At Work With residency programme within the Nordic Pavilion at the International Architecture Biennale in Venice. Fabulous, we thought! The At Work With project was conceived of as a kind of complement and counterpoint to the main – and rather controversial – Stay […]

Venice! of the North!

Tomorrow we leave for Venice. As a part of the residency program At Work With, initiated by Economy and Testbedstudio for the Nordic Pavilion at the Venice Biennale this year, we have been invited to make the Nordic Pavilion our office for a week. During this week we will produce small projects on the city […]