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  • Chasing Jakob

    How can we talk about the multiple roles expected of, and adopted by, architects? What kind of critique do we expose ourselves to when choosing to work outside of the conventional “office”? What are the biographical expectations that architects face in performing professional personae? On Friday the 28th February 2014, Karin Matz and Helen Runting of…

  • (Re)Orientations Course: Whatever happened to the Queens of Pomo?

    Whilst postmodern architecture itself may have been consigned to the “dustbin of history,” this doesn’t mean that it can’t be taken out, dusted off, straightened out, and restored to its former glory! Embracing the dishonesty of postmodernism, and abandoning the precision of the section and elevation, on the 31st of January 2014, Svensk Standard (in…

  • At Work With Svensk Standard

    We were recently invited by Testbedstudio and Economy to participate in the At Work With residency programme within the Nordic Pavilion at the International Architecture Biennale in Venice. Fabulous, we thought! The At Work With project was conceived of as a kind of complement and counterpoint to the main – and rather controversial – Stay…

  • The Field performing on the lawn

    On a sunny Wednesday evening, the people of Stockholm had the pleasure of witnessing The Field performing live on The Lawn, as it floated gently passed their balconies, windows, parks and bars.  Video by djnupi

  • PYRRA – Aquatic center in Ängelholm

    Proposal by Ludvig Netré and Markus Wagner. En 20 meter hög pyramidformad limträkonstruktion placeras på en 70×70 meter stort fundament. Programmets olika delar avgränsas genom att placeras i boxar eller genom en 1,2 meter höjdskillnad. Höjdskillnaden ger en topografi där simbassängerna är nedsänkta i förhållande till resten av markplan.  Tre större boxar definierar interiören. En putsad…

  • Tokyo installation

    A collaborative project by japanese and swedish architects initiated by Studio un/real. People involved: Daiki, Michael, Ichikawa, Toru, Caroline, Junichi, Kristin, Yuli, Margus, Simon+ more 

  • Monument No. 5 at Kulturhuset

    Some of the 123 proposals for art in public space (including monument no. 5) are exhibited at Galleri K1 in Kulturhuset, Stockholm. The exhibition will be there until november 23. The competition was held by Eva Bonniers donationsnämnd. Go there if you are in Stockholm in november.

  • Tornado

    Competition entry for a performing arts center in Taipei.Margus in collaboration with Visiondivision, This is a powerful energy generating machine on the outside with a sensual, organic inside that transcends the visitors from the bustling city to a serene world of the performing arts. One of the positive aspects of raising the building is that it creates…

  • Bostäder i Kistahöjden

    Examensarbete av Markus Wagner  Kistahöjden är ett berg i norra Kista, som ligger i norra delen av Stockholms kommun. Idag är det planerat för en tunnel genom berget som kopplar samman en nyplanerad del av Kista med Akalla i nordväst. Istället för tunnel spränger man i det här förslaget en skåra i berget och bygger bostäder längs…

  • Monument No. 5, lost public art competition

    As foam masses upon the surface of the fountain at Sergels Torg, clouds form and rise slowly into the air, loosely encircling the obelisk. Light shatters upon the 80,000 crystal prisms of Kristallvertikalaccent, which becomes enveloped in a field of rising clouds. In a space composed of hard edges and glass surfaces, of exposed concrete and…

  • Playlist for Architects

    Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Architecture And Morality Guru – Respect The Architect Diplomatic Shit – Evil Architecture Xingu Hill & Squaremeter – Negative Architecture Kate Bush – An Architects Dream Einstürzende Neubauten – Architektur ist Geiselnahme John Foxx & Harold – Momentary Architecture Herman Düne – Little Architect The Stnnng – I Am…

  • Cardboard box spaceships @ NAi

    Margus and Rutger dressed up as spaceships during International Festival’s workshop @ Nai, Rotterdam

  • Wait and see

    Ett till spegelprojekt. Väntkurer placeras på perrongen  och vid busshållplatserna vid Kista station. Speglar hängs upp på tågbron och gör att buss- och tågresenärerna äntligen kan börja interagera med varandra visuellt.Another mirror project. Located at Kista station. waiting booths are being placed on the train platform and one level down at the bus stops. Mirrors…

  • Silvias Vilja

    Proposal for a temporary modern dance theatre.   Due to the refurbishment of the the modern dance theatre at Skeppsholmen, the The theatre has to move to another venue for one year. This project propose to move the dance theatre to the courtyard of the royal palace in Gamla stan, Stockholm. The courtyard is currently…

  • Moving Monuments 1&2

    Videos för en fest på Luntmakargatan, StockholmVideos for a party at Luntmakargatan, Stockholm 

  • Instant Architecture

    Snabb produktion av arkitektur på Östermalm med hjälp av sträckfilm.Fantastic plastic fast production of architecture in Östermalm, Stockholm 

  • Camera construction site

     Ett stort periskop binder samman två olika nivåer i Tensta. Tenstagången och Taxingeplan blir samma nivå, men – det är bara en illusion. Videon ovan visar den tänkta byggprocessen.A huge periscope connects two levels in Tensta, but – it’s all an illusion. The video above shows the construction site.Videocollage.

  • Svensk standard är igång

    Härmed är produktionskollektivet Svensk Standards blogg startad