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Steampunk Stockholm

I was recently told by a friend that there existed a large telephone tower made of steel, (kind of like a square Eiffel tower) in Stockholm during the first half of the 20th century and after a short google run, this is what i found: Apparently it was built in 1887, at a time when […]

Cities the magazine

New magazine “Cities the magazine” kicked of the production of their first issue with a workshop held this monday at gallery Detroit (Roslagsgatan 21, Stockholm). The magazine will focus on different urban conditions and peculiarities around the world and the staff are constantly looking for new contributors. From the website: “We don’t want to hand […]

International Architectural Battle

(To the right, Joel Jouannet is counting votes. Next to him, the winning proposal) When the snow falls heavily on the streets of Stockholm, turning instantly into grey sticky sleet, it is nice to be able to write about some good things that are happening in the city. Last wednesday the first round of International […]

The architecture of Sir Ken Adam

Perhaps the greatest architect ever, Sir Ken Adam is little known compared to the images of his work. Being the creator of the “war-room” scenography from Dr. Stranglove and virtually all James Bond sets from Dr. No up untill the late 70’s (including the pinacle of bond-villain-lairs in “The spy who loved me”) , his […]

Monument No. 5 at Kulturhuset

Some of the 123 proposals for art in public space (including monument no. 5) are exhibited at Galleri K1 in Kulturhuset, Stockholm. The exhibition will be there until november 23. The competition was held by Eva Bonniers donationsnämnd. Go there if you are in Stockholm in november.

The GO-Team assembles at Meijan

Being shut out from the school of architecture, Svensk Standard and friends find refuge at the ateliers of the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm.   Greatness will arrive in August!

Vad hände egentligen med framtiden?

Utmattade av 24-timmarsjobbande och (åtminstånde en utav dem) nedslagna av det brutala motståndet i att försöka vara enkel, så söker sig Svensk Standard ut på internet och finner italienska webbsidor med passion för framtiden, som den var förr i tiden… Och vi längtar tillbaka. Kolla in 

Playlist for Architects

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Architecture And Morality Guru – Respect The Architect Diplomatic Shit – Evil Architecture Xingu Hill & Squaremeter – Negative Architecture Kate Bush – An Architects Dream Einstürzende Neubauten – Architektur ist Geiselnahme John Foxx & Harold – Momentary Architecture Herman Düne – Little Architect The Stnnng – I Am […]