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Monument No. 5 at Kulturhuset

Some of the 123 proposals for art in public space (including monument no. 5) are exhibited at Galleri K1 in Kulturhuset, Stockholm. The exhibition will be there until november 23. The competition was held by Eva Bonniers donationsnämnd. Go there if you are in Stockholm in november.

Monument No. 5, lost public art competition

As foam masses upon the surface of the fountain at Sergels Torg, clouds form and rise slowly into the air, loosely encircling the obelisk. Light shatters upon the 80,000 crystal prisms of Kristallvertikalaccent, which becomes enveloped in a field of rising clouds. In a space composed of hard edges and glass surfaces, of exposed concrete and […]

The GO-Team assembles at Meijan

Being shut out from the school of architecture, Svensk Standard and friends find refuge at the ateliers of the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm.   Greatness will arrive in August!