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PYRRA – Aquatic center in Ängelholm

Proposal by Ludvig Netré and Markus Wagner. En 20 meter hög pyramidformad limträkonstruktion placeras på en 70×70 meter stort fundament. Programmets olika delar avgränsas genom att placeras i boxar eller genom en 1,2 meter höjdskillnad. Höjdskillnaden ger en topografi där simbassängerna är nedsänkta i förhållande till resten av markplan.  Tre större boxar definierar interiören. En putsad […]

International Architectural Battle

(To the right, Joel Jouannet is counting votes. Next to him, the winning proposal) When the snow falls heavily on the streets of Stockholm, turning instantly into grey sticky sleet, it is nice to be able to write about some good things that are happening in the city. Last wednesday the first round of International […]

Monument No. 5 at Kulturhuset

Some of the 123 proposals for art in public space (including monument no. 5) are exhibited at Galleri K1 in Kulturhuset, Stockholm. The exhibition will be there until november 23. The competition was held by Eva Bonniers donationsnämnd. Go there if you are in Stockholm in november.


Competition entry for a performing arts center in Taipei.Margus in collaboration with Visiondivision, This is a powerful energy generating machine on the outside with a sensual, organic inside that transcends the visitors from the bustling city to a serene world of the performing arts. One of the positive aspects of raising the building is that it creates […]