Cebit Hannover 2008

exterior21.jpgConfronted with a tight budget, an 10×14 m exhibition space and the desire to show off, Markus and Rutger decided to put volume where it matters. The usual exhibition-space-volume (a semi-closed, one story box) was turn in to a sign and suspended from the ceiling of the convention hall, as high up in the air as possible, in order to attract attention and to provide a large and open space beneath it. Pulling the spandex-ceiling of the space up as well provided room for the projection screen (the main focal point of the interior) and created a spacious room beneath the hovering volume. The sound reducing properties of the ceiling together with color, lighting and ambient sounds, replace walls in order to create a sense of “inside”.In the flotsam and jetsam environment of Europe’s largest electronics fair, calmness turned out to be a huge attraction. Happy clients and happy architects.Produced for Telenor through Fieldwork.Design concept: Markus Wagner, Rutger SjögrimProject management and event concept: Fieldwork dsc01293.jpg dsc01295.jpgdsc01298.jpg interior31.jpgsektion3.jpg koncept-isometri.jpg